Please express your thoughts

I am unable to give personal advice or substitute for your personal physician. As a retired surgeon, I feel it is my responsibility to  share the information.


2 thoughts on “Please express your thoughts

  1. My monthly medical news report will have 5-6 subjects each month that are timely issues in medicine plus information about healthcare policy and the latest in medical research. If, after reading them, you have comments to make, please feel free to enter them on this blog. You are welcome to request certain medical subjects that you would like to hear about. I will try to include them in future medical news reports. If you have personal medical issues, please take them up with your doctor or go into the internet for more information. I have a link on my website that lists many of the best references you can trust. The internet is filled with misinformation and people who are trying to sell you something. I hope you enjoy the MONTHLY MEDICAL NEWS REPORT. Dr. Sam

  2. Have a safe happy Fourth of July. This is America, and we don’t want it to change. Respect what we have in this wonderful land, respect and honor the Constitution of the United States Of America. Alot of Americans have given their life to keep us free. God bless YOU and America!! Dr. Sam

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